My Letter For You.

I have been stuck with a Quote “Blessed are the Forgetful” – Friedrich Nietzsche and the topic “Mistakes” from past two weeks.  I was in utmost confusion how to write on these topics and had weird plans to go ahead with. that was when one of my blogging buddy’s post inspired me. So tadaa here it is. Please I would appreciate comment and sincere criticism please!! I admit I was away for a while, but that was due to certain new changes in my life! 😛 And that reason will soon be posted! 😉

my wife

With this letter my dear boo,

I express how much I love you.

How much I long to come home,

To rejoin with you in my dome.


How I crave for those butterfly kisses,

Enjoy dazzling smiles of my misses.

But here I am now all alone,

With none to answer my door bells, I groan.


Carrying grief & guilt, I now walk,

With a black heart as hard as a rock.

How I left you that day in grief,

The day I destroyed you being the chief.


Never did I expect that day to be last,

Your beautiful face left me, leaving me aghast.

That day where your body was splattered across,

Memories which make my body shudder in gross.


My mistake to let you drive away in haze,

For an argument with meaningless phrase.

How I wish to relieve this pain of loss,

To look into your eyes and melt like sauce.


When I feel your painful memory tight,

Indeed Friedrich Nietzsche was right.

“Blessed are the forgetful”

To make life once again cheerful.


Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved


Amazing friendship (Imaginary Story)


As friends we lasted for long,

From time of sand and action figure play along.

Those days where I couldn’t stand a tear from your eye,

None would trespass the boundary I set so dry.

Don’t know how to express this bond so tight,

So strong that the light from us shone so bright.

Now those years of childhood put behind,

Young adult blood flowing through our mind.

We cherish each nights we jump out,

Those late nights we spend in lawns with takeout.

Those laughter we share for our lame jokes,

The fights we had and those loving strokes.

Now am falling for those smiles you hold,

With each passing second I’m helpless behold.

What is going on with my brain, I think,

You are my best friend nothing more to link.

My aching to get back to your side,

Desires to hold on tight & to never divide.

Confused is my inner mind,

Conflict with my brain to let out this find.

I don’t want to risk losing you I confide,

Thereby forever as a best friend am tied.


Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

Not my story Alone!

My Story -Zameera


I am Zameera, a quite introvert dame,

But, a while ago it wasn’t the same.

I used to play in parks with toys,

Enjoyed making new friends and socialize.

Mommy meant the world to me,

We shared everything under the tree.

Then one day he came to our house,

A friend and playmate, my riding horse.

But slowly his games had begun the change,

Introducing games which were really strange.

I started realizing something wrong,

Then stuffs changed and pains lingered long.

Mommy kept asking reasons for my silence,

But how could I when I felt lost in islands.

Felt left out and guilty in this trauma,

Until one day I decided to end this drama!

Brave I voiced out when he approached,

In spite of guest at home “him” I reproached.

Blurted the naked truth of what was behind the scene,

Attacked was he while he pissed in his jean.

Now I call the Zameera’s in the world around,

Who need to escape from the world, they’ve drowned!

Know that it isn’t your fault,

Try to keep away from this Assault.

Stand up to react when they confront,

I have learned that this makes them affront.

Be not the coward they expect,

Unexpected attack creates the effect.

Though I’ve lost my bubbliness,

But still know that my heart is now in happiness.

This isn’t my story alone,

It can be any Zameera, Christina or Meera known.



Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

The Moon Of My Life!


I looked at the sky above,

To find the beauty of the moon shine with Love.

The feel of being lonely had fled,

As within my heart your face had spread!


Looking at the moon made me shy,

Flooding memories when we were eye to eye.

Under the moon on the balcony I stood,

At midnight smiling seeing you in hood.


Those days the light shone on us,

But today it’s directed on me alone with no fuss.

As the darkness of your depart engulfed,

Thinking of those long lasting promises, I sniffed.


Realization struck like thunder, why this fool?

When I’m rewarded with memories of The Rasool!

The one who brought the light to my mind,

Infact, the words of God to whole of humankind!


The one who was of striking appearance,

With radiance eliminated, from his face in brilliance.

When he was silent, his beauty radiated,

Dignity wrapping him, eloquence demonstrated.


His words like jewels coming off a necklace,

Flowing magically, in poise and serene, speckless.

Those around him would shy away from his majesty,

But the desire to see him made them conflictingly.


Narrated Anas Ibn malik that One full moon night,

I looked out at gentle moon so smooth, an awesome sight!

But compared to the face of My Rasool,

Radiance from him, far beautiful than the moon.


Never seen my beloved Prophet in real,

But when I look at this lovely moon so surreal.

I shy away, looking down in waiting for the day,

I get to witness the moon of my life, yay!


The moment my friend gave me this topic I had two faces in my mind which related a lot to the moon!! I hope I have done justice to the topic at hand!! Seriously!! I hope!!!!!! *sweating Palms*  😉

Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

I thought She’s not mine anymore!

Nothing can do justice to what she has written in her books, I’m such a huge fan of her – but I don’t know her real name nor any details. Just that her Wattpad name is “Sajmra” and her book is named – Once Upon A Qadr. Please click on the book name to read the story. This scene nearly moved me to tears and here I express it in the form of Poetry! Just a small scene and I highly recommend you guys read this book. I have been experiencing a Writer’s Block lately and couldn’t come up with anything! I hope this poem even expresses a bit of the emotions I am feeling at the moment! Please read and let me know, my dear readers! 🙂


“She isn’t mine anymore”,

My guilt made an uproar.

Hospitalized and in coma was she,

For two whole weeks and all blames on me!

With a coffee mug in hand I sit,

Staring aimlessly as the screen ahead, lit.

Wanting to see her so desperate,

I couldn’t do anything, as we were now separate!

Seventh cup of coffee I made,

Couldn’t sleep from the moment I heard she was in shade.

“I did this to her, I deserve worse than what I am through now”

My heart would only rest when I see you, now!

Just as my phone buzzed,

As her dad’s voice asked me to go and recite to my beloved!

I rushed off to not let them change,

You never know when people’s mind shall play strange.

As I entered the room,

I saw her lay on her back with tubes taking away her bloom.

Her dad whispered, “You are our last hope, she has stopped fighting”

“No that can’t happen” my heart within my chest was pounding.

Without being forced I wouldn’t stop,

Reciting to her I kept on, never let my hopes drop.

“Isn’t it my fault she was here in the first place?”

I thought. And after a month of losing her I talked, in case.

Hopefully, I kept blabbering about how she was missed,

Her finger showed a twitch while I lost my tears, in the midst.

Did I not express my love n apologies for hurting her so bad?

No choice did I have to take her back, and wasn’t I mad?

That was when I heard a mere whimper,

“Amir?” and this caused my heart to trigger.

She was back and that too for me.

“I was striving hard to push the clouds away, to tell you..” said she.

“To tell you that I love you too and nothing in the world would,

Make me happier than to be with you”, and I leaped.

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My treat for the day!


Loneliness is the only thing I can feel now,

Left out, broken and really low!

I think I deserve it though,

For all I have been is the worth to throw!

I wish within my heart so deep,

If I had you with me so as to weep

Off with my sorrows I jump,

Into a pool of tears so dump!

Trickling of Water tickling my feet,

Slowing the pace of my agitated heart’s beat!

The relief it gives by its reach,

My day’s treat for the sorrow’s each!

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Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved


Darkness To light of my Life!


Watching helplessly as the darkness engulfed,

Shrouding me as though I were to be handcuffed!

Quivering in the bitter cold I looked around,

Tiny sense of hope within me holding me profound!


Eyes fell on that tiny spot of light,

Far beyond my reach to my plight!

Regardless I stumbled and crawled through the dust,

To capture that light for my soul to rest!


With bruises and a hollow soul I finally arrived,

Tired yet thrilled, into the light I dived!

With efforts so hard I stood upright,

Enjoying the spot light with delight!


Letting the light enter my heart and soul,

Relief and happiness beginning to unroll!

Alas, the light decided to take a stroll,

Once again leaving me alone in the dark hole!


Chasing it with all my might I began,

All in vain, I sat defeated without a plan!

Tears rolling down my cheeks so pale,

Leaving my soul to let out the pain!


It struck me like a thunder so swift,

Why not ask my Lord via His gift?

The gift of Salah He guaranteed to relieve,

In my prostrations, relief within my heart began to weave!


As I ended and raised my hands above,

I saw the same light shine above me somehow!

Leaving my worries and fears to The One above,

I smiled and flew in the light bestowed, like a dove!


Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved