Just Because of my skin color, Do I have to suffer?

Day 3: Skin. Prose Poem. Internal Rhyme.

Here is my assignment for Day 3 which I have no clue whether makes sense ? I clearly am writing this with no much experience! A first hand try in this Prose poetry and a totally new topic to deal with! The moment I read the topic for the day, I knew what I was about to write ~ Racism! A normal scene in the world of today! I wrote this in accordance with a story by ‘Umm Zakiyyah’ ~ the Hearts We Lost! It has held me tight on my seat! She ‘Iman’ was mistreated by her blood relatives, so how is she supposed to expect respect from others? Be with me through this emotional poetry she writes, I really don’t know how much she must have gone through but I hope I express this right! Please bear with my mistakes and let me know whether I’ve done justice to the topic we have received! As you already know, your comments are something I reach out for! 😉 


Sometimes I look at my Skin, wondering could it be a sin. Just because of my skin color, do I have to suffer? Looking at Hasna I know I’m not the lucky one! Having same parents doesn’t mean we look like One! She inherited those hazel eyes and fair skin, making sure the on lookers were left amazed therein! While I was left with a total rummage, which comes down the line in my dad’s lineage! My mom had married against her parent’s wish, as she never believed in racial discrimination as demonish! As a result of her family’s stand, me and dad were literally banned! Being like my mom she was privileged, she got to accompany her to see our maternal lineage! Everyone still blames mom for marrying my ‘Black’ dad, never did once they consider us humans, sad! What my mother did was a crime unforgivable, but when mom went with baby Hasna her being accepted was typical! Still the injustice of her Pakistani desi culture unnerved my mommy, as my colors and looks made my acceptance a bomb! Once having known this face of reality, I had to keep that distance from this world of cruelty!

But in spite of these, I still don’t understand why the bond between me n Hasna has to freeze! Should I not be the one to hate her for her looks though? Is it coz I’m mommy’s baby girl God knows! I hope one day she realizes the favors she receives, instead of being rude and stubborn maybe show me a minimal care I deserve! Now looking at Hasna’s fiancé, my thoughts wandered back to the deepest betray! I am fat, dark and unattractive, why do I even dream of having a man desiring? My grandparents who are my closest relatives, fail to accept I am even alive! So let alone what he may desire!

Still I wonder what to call myself, a Pakistani – American- Black American or an Outlander self!? Just because of my skin color, do I have to suffer? I ponder!

77 thoughts on “Just Because of my skin color, Do I have to suffer?

    1. OMG! That must have been real hard for you.. I see! This wasn’t right! But see God rewarded you with an awesome husband and loads of happiness for bearing all of it with MIGHT! 😀 ❤ My sister we are all having some test or another in this world! :/ but thank God you are really appearing to be a very strong darling here!


  1. This is a heartbreaking and beautiful poem, Ishma! I think you are fortunate to be of two different races/cultures, and while it’s hard right now, I hope you grow into your skin and love it, because I’m sure it’s beautiful. You will have the lens and the perspective that others from both sides of the family will not, and it will be the source of poems and stories. Use your power and perspective to keep writing! Blessings.

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    1. Aww thankyou for youe comments my dear!! It truly gives me the positive vibes! But apparently this is not my story but a story of a girl named Iman written by Umm Zakkiyah in her book ‘Hearts we have lost’ 😉 My parents are both from same place and I belong to India 😉 hehehe !! Those words of wisdom you have shared are truly of BIG value though!! Thankyou dear!

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  2. Alexander

    Nice of you to share such a personal poem. My own view is pakistani, american etc. are all just labels too. I think we are all unique and perfect as we are, we don’t need words to limit us.. but maybe I shouldn’t criticise words on a poetry assignment haha

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    1. hehe But I really appreciate the comments u’ve made and a point I would Like to make clear is that this isn’t my story! 😛 Its about a girl named ‘Iman’ whom I tried to express what she has gone through! Thankyou though! 😉


  3. Had to read it again and again.So please excuse another comment! 😛 (Did that rhyme?…LOL)
    It is a beautiful prose poem.The reality is been written out here.And her sister Hasna is proud,no wonder.After ll the love and favours she gets,she is spoiled!But she is going to find someone greta…I know it!
    Because beauty is what is inside,and Hasna doesn’t sound one bit appealing!!!
    I just had to write this.And share my thoughts with you 🙂

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    1. Yo it did a lil, lolz.. …hahaha No worries, I really appreciate the pain you took to re read it! 😉 aww that’s truly amazing!! Words People like Iman should keep hearing… I too hope she does.. that story was truly great and yes Hasna wasn’t much appealing but I can’t blame her as she was struggling herself with problems much amazing! 😛

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  4. I don’t understand racial intolerance, because I find races and ethnicities fascinating to experience and wonderful to learn about. I’m sure intolerance has a great deal to do with culture. I’m sure it does in my, our American culture. (For those readers from the USA.) While I don’t get prejudice, I do get angry about it. And feel pressed to speak out. And I do. To me, difference is, simply, so much fun! How sad to be universally whatever. How bland and unpromising. The way you use “color” and “suffer” not only get across an engaging internal rhyme but become a kind of litany. Especially as you repeat these words. A litany traditionally requires a response. So, world, what’s our response going to be? I’m going to continue enjoying (and teaching) the pleasure in knowing those who are different from me and us. Thank you!

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    1. wow.. A marvelous comment indeed.. Thankyou 😀 means a lot! I know each word you pointed out are absolutely true! Yes the world must react!! But how can they when they themselves practice racism one way or another!?

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      1. Great question. I don’t know. Cycles and patterns of racism have to be broken. That probably won’t happen without cost. But it’s worth welcoming and reaching out to the variety of folk we are. For me, it’s often fun! Hey, a global block party. How about that? Thank you! again for your forthright words.

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