I agree I ain’t perfect!

Day 4: ImperfectLimerickEnjambment

My fourth day assignment, I have literally no clue whether I’ve done any good by writing this! 😉 I tried writing two poems, but I guess this was the best I found! Hopefully, I haven’t doen any mistakes! 😛 Please be a gem and comment on my Limerick! Looking forward to read them loud! 

We all have that one cousin who is PERFECT,

But in my case I’m stuck between two of them, in fact!

It’s not that I feel jealous of what they achieved,

Rather they are the best sisters that I’ve ever received!

But when all begin the comparison I seek, what about those dark secrets you forgot to reflect?

I have wronged a lot, I agree but why

Have you turned away from their mistakes and let them fly?

While comparing and giving me the LOOKS, as if

I have done the gravest of sins as massive as the cliff? All I ask for

Is to stop hurting my parents, for bringing up a Girl like me, sigh!

I ain’t perfect I still agree!

56 thoughts on “I agree I ain’t perfect!

      1. Thank you! Well, I wanted to say that I noticed the rhythm and syllable count are what could use more revising, but we agree that those are hard, right?! Giving feedback online can be challenging, because it’s not the same as doing it in person. So, I hope you don’t mind my suggestion about rhythm/syllable count! 🙂

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  1. Khadijah Sali-Lloyd

    Hello Ishma! I love this, it’s so real and raw. You have a wonderful grasp of free verse! ❤️ Now if I may, I just want to share this with you… Limerick would be 5 lines, following aabba. First, second and last lines would be rhyming and about 7-10 syllables while third and fourth would be rhyming with each other but 5-7 syllables. I hope this is fine. Goodnight for now and see you on day 5😊 God bless!

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