My daughter’s faces of life…

Day 6 Assignment!

Hey guys this is a different perspective I saw of ‘face’…. I felt like I had to write about this and tadaaa… This is what I came up with!! I hope it does relate to the Topic and yes I have used FOUND POETRY, but I’ve used phrases in my Poem not completely like some others have! It’s from my favorite poem, “All World’s A Stage” by William Shakespear! And with the Chiasmus , I truly hope one would be enough because I couldn’t include it anywhere else! 😛 Please let me know your valuable comments! 😉


Into our duo romantic life, one day

Was the Grand entrance of severe nausea and fatigue!

Accepting it as my normal monthly routine play,

I moved on without realizing it was unique!

After days of irregular play, we had satchel of doubts in fray

Consulting the doctor, the dreams of parenthood flowed, so to speak!

The pains were unbearable and I cried like a lone lover in dismay,

But kept strong in anticipation of my infant to come, one day!


Like a Soldier on war field did I strive to bear with the pain,

I forgot all pains with the beauty I saw within her eyes, as if it were all fake!

Her face explained the love we were going to nurture forever like insane,

Watching her grow was something I wanted to Quarrel about!


Then came in the days of dread,

Morning mishap and whining, dragging her to school every morning!

But the look on her face when I drop her off at school, is what leaves me shred!

With tears down her beautiful face she creeps to class, mourning!


Then slowly I noticed the face of a teenager, as she covered up her secrets!

The utter silence and change of topics seen when I walk into her friends circle, I feel

She’s growing way out of my hold, her face shows the confidence she holds deepest,

The distance she maintains, fake names given and the truth she seals makes me worried a good deal!

images (35)

I know I have to accept these changing faces, somehow

Life is made of loads of stages and I was too going through the same once!

Now I wonder what mom must have felt, anyhow!

Much worse comes the day I will have to leave her and thus each day counts!


I worry thinking what will happen without her beside me!

Far away I might lose her..

My daughter I love you for what you are

And what you are I love you!

17 thoughts on “My daughter’s faces of life…

  1. sayemazulfeqar

    MashAllah ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    May Allah preserve your pen! After I read this, I feel you will make a great and an empathetic Mom one day, inshAllah 🙂 :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe aww.. That’s soo sweet of you!! I was worried whether I expressed it right! 😉 My mom keeps sharing her feelings with me! So I thought I would give it a try! 😉 Thanks for the comment it made my day! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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