Pleasure To Be Part Of The Team!

Day 10: Pleasure, Sonnet

My day 10 Assignment, I haven’t done so well I know! I couldn’t bear the thought of putting a full stop to all these… But I know its not going to be easy! Soon I will try to be a part of next course too.. As this course has taught me a lot! To bid farewell sad though, but I think we should cherish the pleasure this course gave me through  out! pushing me on were the friends I have made here, their talent I must truly admit being really mind blowing!


It has been both bitter and sweet,

To wake up every day with this treat!

The pleasure it gave to sit on the hot seat,

With the unpronounceable words will Ben’s mail greet!


Two weeks has certainly been fast,

Little did I realize it’s soon going to be past!

The exposure given was surely blast,

With every topic the theme developed were vast!


The number of friends made in ‘blogosphere’ they claim,

As the saying goes, “True friends push you till you achieve your aim”!

The mistakes I made were surely put to name,

While complimenting and consoling all through the game!


Wish this pleasure lasts forever,

But life is so we have to accept it being clever!  


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