Incomplete without you!

Some people just enter our hearts and leave deep imprints on them... My short poem is one about one of them... ❤ My Mom... I know it's a bit too romantic for her... but she's the one who actually touched my heart soo deep and left herself imprinted there forever, if I must say!! 🙂

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Was scared…

Didn’t know what to do!

Was upset….

Searching how not to cry!

Was broken…

Putting all pieces back together!

Was losing hope….

Trying to bring back love!

Was hating…..

Trying to support others!

Was against you…

Finding right words to blame u!

Was lonely….

Trying to find someone to lend a shoulder!

Was stupid….

Hated u but still loved you!

Was weak….

Finding strength in me!

That’s when I realized…..

I’m InCoMpLeTe without you!!!!

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With Love

Ishma Imroz  ❤

26 thoughts on “Incomplete without you!

  1. Knowledge said to me, Love is madness;
     Love said to me, Knowledge is calculation— 

    O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm!
     Love is Presence entire, Knowledge nothing but a Veil. 

    The universe is moved by the warmth of Love;
      Knowledge deals with the Attributes, Love is a vision of the Essence; 

    Love is peace and permanence, Love is Life and Death:
     Knowledge is the rising question, Love is the hidden answer.

    Love is the Space and the Creation, Love is Time and Earth!
     Love is conviction entire, and conviction is the key!

    The luxury of destination is forbidden in the religion of Love;
     Fighting the storms is permitted, but the comfort of the shore is forbidden;

    Lightning is permitted to Love, Harvest is forbidden.
     Knowledge is the child of the Book, Love is the mother of the Book.

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    1. This is soo true.. woww are these your words???? They are amazing!!! So true the conflict between knowledge and Love!!! But eventually for me Love over takes Knowledge and most of the time makes me do crazzy stuffs, which my knowledge or brain would never let me do, but I just do it to satisfy my heart! 😉 Thankyou fr these amazing words, they made me ponder.. 😀

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      1. When a man is in love 
        how can he use old words? 
        Should a woman 
        desiring her lover 
        lie down with 
        grammarians and linguists? 

        I said nothing 
        to the woman I loved 
        but gathered 
        love’s adjectives into a suitcase
        and fled from all languages.


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