I miss being the Old me! -_-


I miss being the old me

Who used to be the Jolly bee!

One who loved spending every moment with my family

Loved to talk and sing all bubbly!

I miss being the old me

Who used to be the jolly bee!

One who cherished doing what my parents decreed,

Loathing the idea of making anyone bleed!

The one who made my parent’s smile,

Leaving no stones unturned to be loved by all, down the aisle!

I miss being the old me

Who used to be the jolly bee!

The one who enjoyed every moment with my cousins,

Sharing even the slightest secret with my mommy as if they were muffins!

One who smiled with no worries attached,

No lies lingering behind all naughtiness we patched!

I miss being the old me

Who used to be the jolly bee!

One whom I now look behind at and regret having changed,

Asking myself the one question repeatedly, Who is this new Me all estranged!

I miss being the old me

Who used to be the jolly bee!

CopyRight2015IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved


36 thoughts on “I miss being the Old me! -_-

  1. I like the pairing of the flying-free, brightly-colored bee with remembrance of things past (to paraphrase Foucault and Shakespeare). I like your use of assonant rhyme in pairings such as “cousins” and muffins” (consonant rhyme, too). The photograph makes the first lines read like graffiti, which is thought-provoking. Overall, here, you make us think. And feel. Thanks!

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  2. Loubnanya

    Oh this is beautiful, I feel like you wrote exactly what’s on my mind subhan’Allah… I miss the old me.. Who was good to her parents, her cousins & all her family.. I miss them. You know, I really hurted them when I converted to islam & they’re all mad at me since. But alhamdoulillah I’m satisfied with my life, even if I’m nostalgic when I think about them. I really hope you feel better sis…
    May Allah protect you

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    1. aww my sis.. I know that feel… but in your case, you have done it for the case of a bigger reward, MashaAllah that is why Allah will bless you with best.. My sister, wallahi you are blessed as Allah still guided you, how many sisters have been misguided after entering Islam!? I have no words, subhaan Allah, Make duas and one day you will be with your parents and smiling with them,, In sha Allah.. May Allah bless us and ur parents abundantly!! And may He (SWT) bestow His mercy and guide your parents to the right path!! Ameen ya rabbul aalameen! 😀 ❤

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      1. Loubnanya

        Ameen a thousand times to your wonderful du3as, sister!
        Alhamdoulillah I’m so glad to be guided by Allah, I feel so special, & my biggest fear is to be misguided.. So it feels so good to meet siqters with strong faith alhamdoulillah. Actually that is the reason I’m blogging & I’m not decieved.
        Thank you to care about my happiness and about my parents! May Allah bless your family as well! If I understood well, you plan to marry soon insha’Allah??? 😉
        May Allah always guide you on hiq beautiful path

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        1. aww.. 😀 Alhamdulillah it’s a blessing! 😀 Ameen summa ameen! 😀 jazzakh Allah khairran… haha NO… Please don’t remind me plz! 😛 Not so keen to get married so soon!! But I have to it seems.. :/ Parent’s will soon start searching! :/ … This thought makes me worried no clue why! 😛

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              1. Loubnanya

                Hehee, I can understand, when you’re not married yet, you can’t feel what true love is. I ised to think I was being too romantic & love didn’t really exist 😉

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