I Miss Being With You, My best Friend!

Dedicated to my best friend, who is one of my life line! We had the tough times like everyone else did.. But our life hence was not very common indeed! Fear did I withhold with my breath in the fear of losing you my friend, I love you for what you are and what you make me be! I love you, my sister! Who said, A sister can only be from the same mother 😉 You are mine forever and ever, indeed! We may be far apart but our hearts remain entwined forever! ❤ :*


The day I walked in to what I thought was my jail,

I thought my life was going to be a huge fail!

The day when I walked down the stairs with you,

Never guessed you were the one to spend my next 2 years sharing every single dew!

That day was the last for us as mere friends,

The start rather of a new relationship made from converging trends!

The beauty of our bond can never be expressed,

It was a miracle which was blessed!

The Love for you wasn’t just as a friend but something more,

Something which I can still cry for!

The day when I decided to open up my past,

I expected you to run away from me, leaving me aghast!

But rather your love and care made me a spoilt brat!

I knew you were my new beautiful companion with a silk hat!

The days under the mango trees were the best,

I know you enjoyed throwing the tamarinds down from their nest!

The days hence were filled with love, joy and laughter,

I knew deep within, I was going to cherish every moment hereafter!

The day you broke my heart with THAT secret,

I couldn’t bear to stay away from you, it hurt me in the deepest!

But as a friend I had to do it, stay far away from you

So that you may realize that you were askew!

The day you returned showering apologies and tears in your beautiful eyes,

I know I did a mistake of hiding my tears and turning away with loads of lies!

By then I started getting negative vibes of why’s and what if’s,

By God I wanted to trust you, but reality stung me too late it is!

I did try to rejoin, but my Soul kept whispering evil indeed,

Alas came the news of our doom, which made my heart bleed!

The day all regrets and misunderstandings left naked, afront,

I realized my plight, was too late to even do an acrobatic stunt!

This day I decided to stand for you as strong as a pillar,

Even though that wasn’t enough to repent for the days we spend apart as chiller!

From this day I promise, I will never leave your side,

Either in prayers or in reality I will always be with you no matter what may abide!

Today all I have is memories of the fun we treasured,

Food we shared, love we stored and sweetness of our naughty deeds un-measured!

Hence forth I promise we will indeed never part,

Rather hold each other deep within our heart!

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Ishma Imroz

CopyRight2015IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

33 thoughts on “I Miss Being With You, My best Friend!

  1. This is a detailed and heartfelt tribute. Have you shared this with your friends? The photos are winsome, too. The words have spirit, gratitude, and devotion all coming through strongly and with love. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. That was really beautiful. 🙂
    It reminded me of a quote I read once.
    “A true friend is one who mentions you to Allah in your absence;
    And mentions Allah to you in your presence.”
    May Allah help us all to be one true friend. Aameen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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