My Darkest Secret Indeed!

Assignment day 3: Writing 101


The secret I held so deep,

Made me feel so cheap!

As this secret rotted within me with years,

Made me lose interest in all affairs!

This secret you may term big or small,

Made me curl into a ball!

A secret I hate to admit to the rest of the world,

I lost myself to it so whorled!

How shall I spill this secret even to my beloved?

Scared of this secret being judged and losing trust, unloved!

How did this happen to me,

Which has affected my secrets yet to come for free!

Each time I think of this secret my heart begins a race,

With my mind going back to that chase!

What wrong did I do, I wonder?

Wasn’t I too small to keep a secret so thunder?

Whom shall I turn to, what will I do if they don’t trust?

Finally, I broke down to my best friend with a burst!

Could not hold that secret a minute long,

Afraid of losing my best friend all along!

But instead of firing me and cutting me off,

Tightly I was held to heart, making me laugh!

How grateful I feel after I talked this Secret out,

Talking therapy was something I should resort to without a doubt!


CopyRight2015IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

22 thoughts on “My Darkest Secret Indeed!

    1. Yes there are… but the worst part is when the secret is both, which is tooo bitter to be swallowed and even more Sour to be let out! (maybe sweet for the listener – as they have a new thing to backbite about) 😦 Such secrets kill you from within and make you a totally different person, no one knows why you changed and start blaming you this drives you even more nuts!! I think I might be confusing you even more! :/

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