Sunshine Blogger Award


My lovely friend Marielli  & Ahsan Nayeb nominated me for this award and I am on sky right now! 😛 Thank you Marielli & Ahsan… I admire Marriele’s spirit and enthusiasm, in spite of her busy schedule with kids she still keeps coming up with beautiful works that none can miss out!! Do follow her if you haven’t done it as yet! 😉

And I m left speechless about Ahsan’s talent! They are beautiful and would just drive you nuts! Right now, I also learned that he brilliant and creepy at the same time! 😛 He is amazing… That word explains all I guess! 😉 Do check his posts!! they are really good! 🙂


Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 facts about me is it? 😉

  • I love Malabar Cuisine! (Southern India)
  • In spite of being an Indian, I still enjoy living at Qatar! 😉 Come on, I’ve spend my entire teenage here, who would say I hate Qatar after this? 😛
  • I wish to own a Cayenne Porsche, one day! 😛
  • I hate crowded areas!
  • I am a die heart fan of Khaled Housseini’s books!
  • I love admiring beautiful interior works!
  • I choose Pizza over every Junk you can offer!!! Along with a  Dew would be fabulous! 😉

I nominate, the ones I admire alot! 🙂



23 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

        1. wow!! That’s amazing! 😀 So you are basically from which place? 🙂 Woww.. really??? Ofcourse she would! 😉 Who wouldn’t ? 😉 hehehe!! But India has more vibrance habibthi… The nature there.. it’s got it all…. from the lush green to the shara desrts.. ok except the roads! 😛 heheh!! That’s also another beautiful place!! If I go on.. I don’t think I will stop! 😛 I love both MY COUNTRIES! 😛 hehehe!

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            1. hehehe.. I will! 😛 YOU MUST COME OVER ….. Especially Kerala!!!! Except the rods, everything else is *AMAZING* the views are marvelous! Woww!!! Nigeria… heard its an amazing place with a lot of culture to catch up!!


  1. Numero 1: We’re somewhat of neighbors! Ana Kuwaiti! 😀 (or at least somewhat of a kuwaiti 🙄 I was born and raised here but I’m from Pakistan 🙂 )
    Numero 2: I don’t know which cuisine exactly you are talking about since Indian cuisine it SO HUGE, but I’ve tried a few south Indian dishes. A majority of my friends are from India. Even my neighbors. And a few ‘of em made me try Idli and Dosa, and I swear I love those SO much, Especially that Sambar. Also one of my childhood friends made me try those curd rice at her house recently. They were so amazing that I asked her for the recipe and cooked ’em for my mom. She loved it too :3
    Oh and Numero 3: Cayenne Porsche are SO common over here! Are they common in Qatar too? Actually, even I used to dream of owning one, but I changed my mind once everyone started obsessing over it. Then I loved Dodge Charger, but even they got way too common… .-.
    Now I’m just dreaming of owning a classic Mercedes Benz :p Or a jaguar maybe 😀
    But lol, (chillax Hiba, you’re still just a baby, you can’t drive 🙄 ) XD

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    1. haha wooowww!!! That’s amazing!!!!! Yes We are neighbours!!1 Yippie!! I am from Kerala- Southern India! 😉 haha High five! 😛 Even though I had a small part back in India too! 😉 Yes yes… There are many more items to them! 😛 I will in sha Allah introduce them to you! 😉 hehe! ❤ I guess that's mainly Tamil nadu and ya small part of Keralites too have those dishes! 😉
      yes they are common.. I know.. But my next dream list is lamborgini Aventador… That's like tooo high range! 😉 Even mere dreaming is like NO NO! 😛 haha… but in sha Allah… One day I wish to drive one! 😉 I guess I will have to find a filthy rich hus for that!! hehehe! 😉 ❤ Woww.. I guess we have similar dreams.. Even though I kept BMW in stead of Mercedes! 😛 hehe! 😀 yaa that's true!! My dad wont let me get a license till I'm at least engaged! 😛 I am 20.. but unfortunate! 😛 hehe!
      it's soooo nice meet you Hiba!!! I already like you soo much!!!

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  2. lamborghini aventador is a dream of mine too. Because it’s so high range that no one has it XD
    So it’s not common 😀
    Aww, why? Get your license while you’re a student. It’s easier to get it as a student in the Gulf. Or is that just Kuwait?
    I’ll get mine the first chance I get 😀
    I drove my dad’s car once while he was guiding me but we were at a Shalay, like a Kuwaiti farm house in the far off desert, right? There.
    Like every time my mom gets in the drivers seat, I sigh and go “when will the day come where I will be the one driving you guys places…?” and then both my parents smile and say Insha Allah 🙂

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    1. IKR!! ❤ In sha Allah, If it's khair we will own it! 😉 & we may do good deeds with it… In sha Allah! 😀
      Coz my dad's orders… as soon as I turned 18 I have been jumping to get one!! A few of my friends got too.. I was in india.. & in hostel so it wasn't easy…Now I guess my dad's just not ready to get me license yet as he is afraid of me just driving off…
      Mee too I drove my uncle's Land Cruiser off rods and even on roads! 😛 Alhamdulillah I was pretty good at it! 😀 hahahahha I know that situation! 😉 😛 Lolz.. In sha Allah soon!! How old are you btw! ? 😛

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  3. Goodness, thank you for the nomination! When I first saw your name and the name of the award, I thought, No one deserves this more than you. You are so positive–in a real way. You carry light for the rest of us. Thank you!


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