Death: A fearful Reality!


Death of my batch mate recently unveiled,

The painful agony of life being so surreal!

This news that shook us n left us nailed,

No more will we see his smile so sweet & his jokes are now impaled!


A wonderful friend, brother and son was he,

Carrying an aura of love, hope n smile!

Never did anyone part with him except like a bee,

Buzzing around happily and all spirits in high profile!


His unique sense of humor so profound,

We will miss him, day in and day out!

None of us believed when the news shook the ground,

Not much close personally n still I was blown out!


Death is such a painful reality yet to come,

No matter who you’re & where you’re from, you will bleed!

Many reminders abide in the Holy book to choose from,

Still do we pay heed?


I don’t unless a reminder so harsh slaps my face off guard,

What about you are you an exception, then Bravo you’ve succeeded indeed!

When the time for the soul to depart has arrived scarred,

No mercy nor sympathy will the angel of Death show to your plead!


Except for your good deeds which may ease you from the torment,

A good soul be collected with the perfumed cloak, so smoothly!

The one who wronged be aware of the time so spent,

Soul will be collected but in agony like being passed through an iron mesh harshly!


So remind yourself which you want to belong,

To be shown the beautiful palace in Jannah n your own Gardens?

Or to be among the dwellers of Jahannam lifelong,

To be fed with boiling water & bitter dhari which will neither nourish nor satisfy your hunger!


Ponder deep n swallow the harsh reality,

Now all left is to pray for the deceased in surrender!

Care for those whom he loved and do charity on his behalf,

Still in shock and grief I promise to remember!


He was after all a normal person like you n me!

My friend’s cousin and my bestie’s bestie!

We too can be the one next, are you prepared to face The Almighty?

Indeed, to Him we belong, and indeed, to Him, we shall return.” So it’ll be!


I have been deeply touched by his death… It was soo sudden to even think about! may Allah forgive His soul n grant him among the highest ranks in Jannah, Aameen!! I’m sorry I couldn’t update anything.. My mind wouldn’t just leave this misery!! Deeply inspired by an article a friend of mine, uploaded! Subhaan Allah So true are these words of Our Lord! May we all be blessed by The One above n be protected till our soul’s are ready to meet it’s Lord! Ameen ya rabbul Aalameen!! 

Death: A destroyer of Pleasures… Must read!

-Ishma Imroz


26 thoughts on “Death: A fearful Reality!

  1. When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.

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  2. I am sorry to hear of this friend’s passing, though hearing of the possibility to choose how to live and where one wants to be at last–well, these are encouraging. As are the prayers of hopes and heavenly intents. There is strong phrasing here, such as “all spirits in high profile!” and “slaps my face off guard.” “A good soul be collected with the perfumed cloak, so smoothly!” That is powerful. I learn much here. My sympathies and my gratitude.

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      1. Well, death is harsh. And after-death is harsh, though it can be paradisal. It seems we have some say–some choice–in that by how we live. By the decisions to be good or not. To be faithful or not. Do I understand this right? We can choose to aim for heaven or Hades? Again, thank you.

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