My treat for the day!


Loneliness is the only thing I can feel now,

Left out, broken and really low!

I think I deserve it though,

For all I have been is the worth to throw!

I wish within my heart so deep,

If I had you with me so as to weep

Off with my sorrows I jump,

Into a pool of tears so dump!

Trickling of Water tickling my feet,

Slowing the pace of my agitated heart’s beat!

The relief it gives by its reach,

My day’s treat for the sorrow’s each!

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Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved


31 thoughts on “My treat for the day!

    1. Its so true my dear… I totally agree with you… I tooo have the same thought… But at times life is harsh that it shatters you totally… But our maturity and strength lets us live.. Hoping for the Grace from Our Lord! 😀 thankyou so much for your comment. It means alot ❤


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