I thought She’s not mine anymore!

Nothing can do justice to what she has written in her books, I’m such a huge fan of her – but I don’t know her real name nor any details. Just that her Wattpad name is “Sajmra” and her book is named – Once Upon A Qadr. Please click on the book name to read the story. This scene nearly moved me to tears and here I express it in the form of Poetry! Just a small scene and I highly recommend you guys read this book. I have been experiencing a Writer’s Block lately and couldn’t come up with anything! I hope this poem even expresses a bit of the emotions I am feeling at the moment! Please read and let me know, my dear readers! 🙂


“She isn’t mine anymore”,

My guilt made an uproar.

Hospitalized and in coma was she,

For two whole weeks and all blames on me!

With a coffee mug in hand I sit,

Staring aimlessly as the screen ahead, lit.

Wanting to see her so desperate,

I couldn’t do anything, as we were now separate!

Seventh cup of coffee I made,

Couldn’t sleep from the moment I heard she was in shade.

“I did this to her, I deserve worse than what I am through now”

My heart would only rest when I see you, now!

Just as my phone buzzed,

As her dad’s voice asked me to go and recite to my beloved!

I rushed off to not let them change,

You never know when people’s mind shall play strange.

As I entered the room,

I saw her lay on her back with tubes taking away her bloom.

Her dad whispered, “You are our last hope, she has stopped fighting”

“No that can’t happen” my heart within my chest was pounding.

Without being forced I wouldn’t stop,

Reciting to her I kept on, never let my hopes drop.

“Isn’t it my fault she was here in the first place?”

I thought. And after a month of losing her I talked, in case.

Hopefully, I kept blabbering about how she was missed,

Her finger showed a twitch while I lost my tears, in the midst.

Did I not express my love n apologies for hurting her so bad?

No choice did I have to take her back, and wasn’t I mad?

That was when I heard a mere whimper,

“Amir?” and this caused my heart to trigger.

She was back and that too for me.

“I was striving hard to push the clouds away, to tell you..” said she.

“To tell you that I love you too and nothing in the world would,

Make me happier than to be with you”, and I leaped.

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16 thoughts on “I thought She’s not mine anymore!

  1. Awwwwww….
    Writer’s block my dear Habeebthi isn’t present in this poem.
    Through your beautiful rhyme and rhythm, you took me to this beautiful moment. My heart clenched as your words painted the guilt, pain and agony that he is feeling. 🙂 Your words are just alive, real, raw and breathing. 🙂
    This is such a beautiful poem that hits the heart hard. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Two persons in delicate conditions. One reaches to the other through the tubes and other parts of medical machinery (I’ve seen people do this), while as it turns out the other struggles to reach out as well. Through words, through gestures, through love, they touch each other once again. Good to be challenged to remember that this can happen truly. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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