Amazing friendship (Imaginary Story)


As friends we lasted for long,

From time of sand and action figure play along.

Those days where I couldn’t stand a tear from your eye,

None would trespass the boundary I set so dry.

Don’t know how to express this bond so tight,

So strong that the light from us shone so bright.

Now those years of childhood put behind,

Young adult blood flowing through our mind.

We cherish each nights we jump out,

Those late nights we spend in lawns with takeout.

Those laughter we share for our lame jokes,

The fights we had and those loving strokes.

Now am falling for those smiles you hold,

With each passing second I’m helpless behold.

What is going on with my brain, I think,

You are my best friend nothing more to link.

My aching to get back to your side,

Desires to hold on tight & to never divide.

Confused is my inner mind,

Conflict with my brain to let out this find.

I don’t want to risk losing you I confide,

Thereby forever as a best friend am tied.


Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

21 thoughts on “Amazing friendship (Imaginary Story)

    1. hahahaha! maybe that’s what triggered me! 😛 I don’t know why this idea came about, maybe your poem made me write!!! hahaha am pretty sure yours is the best!! coz those few words expressed much!! Mine is just an explanation of it! 😛

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  1. This is an endearing story, Ishma. You create many great images of friendship. My favorite image is being on the lawn at night with takeout, where I’m sure lame jokes were shared. You raise a sensibly tough issue, whether to enjoy friendship even though there are new feelings–or to go for it. Thank you for this charming and relevant verse.

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    1. Awwww thankyou!!! I know those night outs are amazing!!! My night out’s with hostel mates were the best ever!!! I so miss those night!! 😥 haha that’s the main reason that point was mentioned here!! As I know how it feels to be with besties at midnight sharing total non sense!! Ok if I continue I wouldn’t stop and nothing would make sense to you at the moment!! 😛 hahaha I am being nostalgic!! Anyways thanks a ton my dear blogger mate!

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  2. Such a sweet narration Ishma. And the photo, it captures the rawness of the emotions in your words. The title might say it is imaginary -but many go through these feelings every day. Very well captured.

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