My Letter For You.

I have been stuck with a Quote “Blessed are the Forgetful” – Friedrich Nietzsche and the topic “Mistakes” from past two weeks.  I was in utmost confusion how to write on these topics and had weird plans to go ahead with. that was when one of my blogging buddy’s post inspired me. So tadaa here it is. Please I would appreciate comment and sincere criticism please!! I admit I was away for a while, but that was due to certain new changes in my life! 😛 And that reason will soon be posted! 😉

my wife

With this letter my dear boo,

I express how much I love you.

How much I long to come home,

To rejoin with you in my dome.


How I crave for those butterfly kisses,

Enjoy dazzling smiles of my misses.

But here I am now all alone,

With none to answer my door bells, I groan.


Carrying grief & guilt, I now walk,

With a black heart as hard as a rock.

How I left you that day in grief,

The day I destroyed you being the chief.


Never did I expect that day to be last,

Your beautiful face left me, leaving me aghast.

That day where your body was splattered across,

Memories which make my body shudder in gross.


My mistake to let you drive away in haze,

For an argument with meaningless phrase.

How I wish to relieve this pain of loss,

To look into your eyes and melt like sauce.


When I feel your painful memory tight,

Indeed Friedrich Nietzsche was right.

“Blessed are the forgetful”

To make life once again cheerful.


Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved


30 thoughts on “My Letter For You.

  1. The creative arrangement of the poem is engaging, while the content is–naturally enough–sad. Nietzsche’s saying would be a balm for emotional pain. Whether or not the saying works is probably for each human heart to say.

    It’s always good to hear from you!

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    1. aww yes exactly/… Hurting of the heart is difficult to bear too!! Perfect combo I found for this.. my friend wrote an amazing ONE too I wanted to post it here!! lemme ask! Thnakyou my dear blogging mate! 🙂

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