My Love – Imaginary

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My life is such a fantasy…

When you’re beside me!

Your cute smile and sweet jokes…

Just makes me more in love with you!

My heart beat grows….

In rhythm with your voice!

My palm perfectly made to fit in yours…

Like a puzzle made to fit each other!

I don’t really understand…

What makes your love so enchanting?

A loving word from you…

Makes my worries fly away!

A cute smile from you…

Leaves me gasping for air!

Your peck on my cheeks…

Bursts crackers in my heart!

A touch from you…

Brings chill down my spine!

When you are around…

I flutter like a butterfly!

When our glances meet…

Everything around us freezes!

Your quarrels with me…

Just keeps me going on!

Even though you are far away…

Your thoughts fill my mind!

Life without you …

Is like a life without Glow!



Ishma Imroz

 CopyRight2016IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

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