Mumbling Of A Broken Heart

Some One besides me cries day n night thinking about the person who stole her heart. Each passing tear, increases my desire to want to stab that person who broke her so bad… But I was taught PEACE in my religion & this broken heart must have been because we never really listened to the commands of our Lord! So here I am expressing her sorrow in the best way I can!! I wish one day he realizes her value and cries even louder for her, but by then  she walks off like they never even met! I hope I did justice to all those hearts out there at unease coz some IDIOT, who never really understood their value walked off from their life! 

Just know that your Prince Charming is galloping towards you on his beautiful white HORSE (or a Lamborgini – if you ask me 😛 ) to sweep you off your feet!! ❤ 



Why I wonder did I fall into this trap?

Never once I thought this was my entrap!

Each time you broke me up with your news, so bare

I collected my heart shattered in pieces I swear!


One step I took forward, to forget you and lead my lonely life forever

No more you I promised myself to endeavor!

I moved on trying not to be jealous of one’s happy all around,

But rather each time loathing within me, I drowned!


Strongly I built up myself to forego,

Until you came back with promises made purely to let go!

Like a nincompoop, I trusted you with my mended heart,

Once again to let you tear it apart!


So true were my friend’s words I realize,

Too late, here I am left to my loud but silent cries!

Again when I recollected and tried a different life,

There you reappear claiming to make me your wife!


This time I expected you to be sincere,

But no you were too notorious to adhere!

At least now will you let me be with my own life?

But nay, you still held your knife!


Stabbing me deep within my heart each time,

Revenge you need from me for my crime!

Loving you day in & day out, I think I did wrong

Trusting you blindly in spite your weaknesses so strong!

i wish you told me from the start that you were gonna break my heart



Ishma Imroz

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Death: A fearful Reality!


Death of my batch mate recently unveiled,

The painful agony of life being so surreal!

This news that shook us n left us nailed,

No more will we see his smile so sweet & his jokes are now impaled!


A wonderful friend, brother and son was he,

Carrying an aura of love, hope n smile!

Never did anyone part with him except like a bee,

Buzzing around happily and all spirits in high profile!


His unique sense of humor so profound,

We will miss him, day in and day out!

None of us believed when the news shook the ground,

Not much close personally n still I was blown out!


Death is such a painful reality yet to come,

No matter who you’re & where you’re from, you will bleed!

Many reminders abide in the Holy book to choose from,

Still do we pay heed?


I don’t unless a reminder so harsh slaps my face off guard,

What about you are you an exception, then Bravo you’ve succeeded indeed!

When the time for the soul to depart has arrived scarred,

No mercy nor sympathy will the angel of Death show to your plead!


Except for your good deeds which may ease you from the torment,

A good soul be collected with the perfumed cloak, so smoothly!

The one who wronged be aware of the time so spent,

Soul will be collected but in agony like being passed through an iron mesh harshly!


So remind yourself which you want to belong,

To be shown the beautiful palace in Jannah n your own Gardens?

Or to be among the dwellers of Jahannam lifelong,

To be fed with boiling water & bitter dhari which will neither nourish nor satisfy your hunger!


Ponder deep n swallow the harsh reality,

Now all left is to pray for the deceased in surrender!

Care for those whom he loved and do charity on his behalf,

Still in shock and grief I promise to remember!


He was after all a normal person like you n me!

My friend’s cousin and my bestie’s bestie!

We too can be the one next, are you prepared to face The Almighty?

Indeed, to Him we belong, and indeed, to Him, we shall return.” So it’ll be!


I have been deeply touched by his death… It was soo sudden to even think about! may Allah forgive His soul n grant him among the highest ranks in Jannah, Aameen!! I’m sorry I couldn’t update anything.. My mind wouldn’t just leave this misery!! Deeply inspired by an article a friend of mine, uploaded! Subhaan Allah So true are these words of Our Lord! May we all be blessed by The One above n be protected till our soul’s are ready to meet it’s Lord! Ameen ya rabbul Aalameen!! 

Death: A destroyer of Pleasures… Must read!

-Ishma Imroz


3 Quotes 3 days – Day 3

Sabah Batul (Blog Long Lost) was kind enough to nominate me for this challenge on 6th December. Ok, Sabah is my really close friend, I think she deserves more words to be described.. But I’m in a complete blank state at the moment! 😛

This is her Blog… SabahBatul Blog Long Lost – Don’t miss the fun by not following her! 😉

Day 3 of this challenge by Sabah Batul and now I’m going to miss it soo bad! 😦 This is the bye bye I guess, so here you go Off with another favorite author of mine! “Sidney Sheldon” – His mysteries & twists!!! Uff!! He’s amazing!

The rules are as follows:

1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

“Life is like a novel. It’s filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.”
―Sidney Sheldon

“Don’t give up. There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you. Don’t listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself. ”
― Sidney Sheldon

“You have two choices. you can keep running and hiding and blaming the world for your problems, or you can stand up for yourself and decide to be somebody important.”
―Sidney Sheldon,Nothing Lasts Forever

My favorite among the lot! Ok… I know it’s adult rated! But I am helpless!! 😛 His mystery is simply W.O.W!



I nominate:

I am done with my challenge! phew! But I will truly miss rewinding back to those novels I have read earlier!! 😦 But in this life,

“Nothing lasts forever” – Sidney Sheldon

Take care! Waiting to see yours! 😉

3 Quotes 3 days – Day 2

Sabah Batul (Blog Long Lost) was kind enough to nominate me for this challenge on 6th December. Lovely and delightful is she, her talent is a beautiful possession, anyone would crave to read more! I admire her inside out! 😀

This is her Blog… SabahBatul Blog Long Lost – Don’t miss the fun by not following her! 😉

Day 2 of this challenge by Sabah Batul and I am enjoying every second rewinding to the eye and heart catching Quotes I have come across in the past, which has affected me in one way or another along my way! 🙂

Being a huge fan and lover of Khaled Hosseini’s books… I couldn’t resist but post his amazing quotes which has touched me and I myself couldn’t stand a chance to refute, effected me deep within too! I literally had to pick out three and this was the most difficult task for me! 😦 I hope this does justice to the challenge!

The rules are as follows:

1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

“It always hurts more to have and lose than to not have in the first place!”

― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner


“There is only one sin and that is theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.”

― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner


“Of all the hardships a person had to face, none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting.”

― Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns


I nominate:

Waiting to see what you can come up with! 😉 ❤


Sunshine Blogger Award


My lovely friend Marielli  & Ahsan Nayeb nominated me for this award and I am on sky right now! 😛 Thank you Marielli & Ahsan… I admire Marriele’s spirit and enthusiasm, in spite of her busy schedule with kids she still keeps coming up with beautiful works that none can miss out!! Do follow her if you haven’t done it as yet! 😉

And I m left speechless about Ahsan’s talent! They are beautiful and would just drive you nuts! Right now, I also learned that he brilliant and creepy at the same time! 😛 He is amazing… That word explains all I guess! 😉 Do check his posts!! they are really good! 🙂


Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 facts about me is it? 😉

  • I love Malabar Cuisine! (Southern India)
  • In spite of being an Indian, I still enjoy living at Qatar! 😉 Come on, I’ve spend my entire teenage here, who would say I hate Qatar after this? 😛
  • I wish to own a Cayenne Porsche, one day! 😛
  • I hate crowded areas!
  • I am a die heart fan of Khaled Housseini’s books!
  • I love admiring beautiful interior works!
  • I choose Pizza over every Junk you can offer!!! Along with a  Dew would be fabulous! 😉

I nominate, the ones I admire alot! 🙂



3 Quotes 3 days – Day 1

Sabah Batul (Blog Long Lost) was kind enough to nominate me for this challenge on 6th December. I admire her for her beautiful works and she is an amazing friend too! ❤


The rules are as follows:

1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.


“Out of sight, Out of mind &

Absence makes the hearts grow fonder! ”

– William Shakespeare


I nominate,

Waiting for your surprise! 😉



The Rain Brings Chills Down My spine!



Sorry for the delay guys, was engrossed in my exams, so here you go a come back, you may claim!! It’s raining soo heavily in Qatar and it’s such a beautiful scene!! This provoked me to write a new one! 🙂 Hope you like it! 🙂 I guess this is my beautiful dream! ❤ To be drenched in this beautiful rain, like a queen! 😀


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Assignment Day 5: A quote that triggered and reminded me of her bday too! :P

A true friend sees the first tear, Catches the second & Stops the third…


A Quote I came across long ago, which touched my heart and reminded me of someone special! It is kind of true I must say, as she has been with me through out in spite of all the nonsense I utter through out the day! Each time I cry, she will surely be lending a helping hand! So this being a beautiful day of her life I guess I can dedicate for her my Assignment too… 😉 Hope you enjoy! 😀 Afaf Aslam… I Love you for being My dear and near, loving me so generously too! 😛 Hehe, I wish you were here! 😉

images (30)

Meeting someone like you,

Something unimaginable even if genies where true!

I still wonder what “GOOD” I did to deserve,

A friendship I won’t break even for a nerve!

A weird friendship people may claim,

Being far apart, a true virtual friendship aflame!

I still remember fidgeting with the mouse that day,

Deciding whether or not to mail you half way!

And finally I clicked ‘SEND Mail’,

Still confused whether you were male or female!

Haha, what a day I wonder,

A day where our friendship bloomed to thunder!

Looking at you is a trigger,

A beautiful motivation, role model and loving figure!

Whom I know I can turn to any point of life,

With no restrictions I can describe!

On this beautiful day my flower,

I wish Allah brings the best for you & reunites us in Jannah forever!

And He grants your days to come a beautiful blend,

Strength to face the hurdles that come without a tear shed!

download (3)

And yes please remember,


Haha.. I know I’m selfish… 😉

Birthday cupcakes

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Assignment Day 4: What this pic makes me! ;)


A Hug from you, did you say?

That’s my solution for a lousy day!

A laugh with your funny jokes,

Makes me feel worth the ton of hoax!

The times you made me blush,

Are worth every risk I had to flush!

The happiness you leave me soaked,

Are my memories to be evoked!

Thank you for these memories you left behind!

I promise I will never lose the gratitude I hold in my mind!


This is more of an imaginary thing I expressed, I have no clue why this pic brings chills each time I see! :/ But It touches me for sure! 😉