Ode To Marriage!

Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

My Day 5 Assignment, I am late I know, but being with my siblings in the weekend is a huge excuse I can give! 😉 This is a first time trying an Ode and till now have only read them! Here I have tried to write an ode to Marriage, from perspective of a bride-to-be! 😉 I hope this is good enough! Please do give me your valuable feedback! I truly  appreciate each comment you provide, as it encourages me on the go to write! 😀 I know metaphor is something missing! But I just couldn’t find a way to fit it in! 😦


Standing at the doorstep,

Tears welled up in my eyes,

Thinking about my past, yep!

Locations I have pinned and the why’s!

Standing before me was a stranger,

With promises to never part!

Before us was a long road out of danger

Hopes filling the map to start!

Beside me came the sweet and sour memory,

Nostalgias asking me to stay!

Behind me stood the most precious gems, my family

Waiting with the final parting words, in dismay!

Looking into the eyes of my groom,

Fear, I noticed in them flicker by!

Quivering he lead me through the door, vroom

Trying hard to keep his face dry!

In my blood red bridal wear determined,

I took in a deep breath!

Decided to face this new journey with my hubby combined,

To make a new map along the journey until put to death!

My map of life is already written,

By One above the seven heavens!

Pinning along I have to move not frost bitten,

But smiling through the journey which is the strongest weapon!

16 thoughts on “Ode To Marriage!

  1. That is really good.I could feel all of it…Like being part of the journey.And all the feelings of parting with your family for a stranger.And how the groom tries to keep his face dry ;(
    I liked your interpretation of the word.
    That was really sweet Ishma.Enjoyed reading it,the perspective of a bride to be.:P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww thankyou dear.. I don’t know why this what came to my mind when I thought of Maps.. Maybe coz I dread the idea of marriage and my parents kinda gave a deadline ~ Max 2 years they said! -_- So preparing my self for it u see! 😛

      Liked by 2 people

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