A Cold-Hearted Friend I Am!

Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poetry, Epistrophe/Anaphora

Heyy Guys, I have been missing my last two day’s of Assignments in Poetry due to a lot of work load and a very bad mood! I just couldn’t force myself to write due to tensions moving around!! And to add cherry on top of the cake, my best friend and I had a clash, all blames on me! -_- So when I saw today’s topic, I knew I had to put this into words, I have tried my best to give in my best! But I know I couldn’t bring in much Anaphora! My mind just refuses to work well I must say! Please bear with my mistakes! Let me know your honest comments!! As you all know I love the feedback i receive from all you guys out there!


This poetry is apt I suppose, compiled with a dear drop shape!! As I wrote this with tears in my eyes, so the shape makes sense, I suppose!

To my Best Friend,


This image is vague I know So I posted the poem below!

This is the way am..

            The lousy friend I am..

Tend to be too demanding..

             Cold hearted Girl who lacks understanding!

Being a lot selfish,

              Being with me makes your image blemish!

Don’t understand why you still hold on to me!

               Am so unbearable, so let me be!

Words wont suffice the bond we nurture!

               By God I never want to see u in torture!

U know well how deep I fell sunken within my sorrow!!!

               The pullout from you was something I can borrow!

This is why I keep expecting,

                More I keep expecting this leads to our bond affecting!

I feel u should leave me to my potion for a while!

               Forever, if that’s what u can be happy with down the aisle!

I never want to leave u sad…

               Be happy and remember am always your bestie, it can never go bad!  

Never hesitate to say it out loud, that u need a gap, it won’t be rude!

              Maybe that might change your life for better, Never think that “it will upset her”!

But as I said I never want to see u sad,

              I will always feel ‘for him I am a friend so bad’!

Within my heart u will always be there!

              Praying for you deeply even in deepest affair!

Long ago a dream we never thought,

               Would tie this knot among us wrought!

But the time has for us to depart,

               As flying birds go far apart!

I never wanted this day to come,

               Though deep within the truth I kept it mum!

The way you kept me happy and loved,

               I knew this was soon going to end!

The sooner you Open up I will feel better,

              Cause the more days pass by the hurt of you leaving is going to be more bitter!

  I still know you the best that ever happened to me,

              The moments we cherished and petite fights with me!

The cold hearted girl I am,

              The Cold behavior I express in the jam!

Ignore me with every right,

             I know I have never done anything right!

Rigid-cold heart I hold,

             No matter what I say it will never justify the behavior I uphold!

Leave me be in the dark and cold,

               Cause I know I haven’t been the been the “best” friend I was told!

But please do let me know your decision, I can’t live with mere assumption!

               Without you my life’s a blurred vision! But I know I deserve this Division!



I know you will read this, If you do know that I do care. Even if you leave me I will surely be here worrying every second about you as long as I breathe! I love you and I will keep loving you till the very end! Leave me and when you feel you NEED me, I will be waiting here with wide open arms ready to accept you!!

With Love,

Ishma Imroz

16 thoughts on “A Cold-Hearted Friend I Am!

    1. hahah lol.. I kind of downloaded a drop and then pasted it on a Word Doc.. made the setting as behind the text and arranged!! 😛 after all that hungama … I finally removed the pic! tadaaaaaaaaaa… I got it done!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. haha.. I know But I meant cold hearted for never giving the care and attention he needs! Never listening to his advices and then finally ending up in troubles myself! Not the other way round! 😛


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