Assignment Day 5: A quote that triggered and reminded me of her bday too! :P

A true friend sees the first tear, Catches the second & Stops the third…


A Quote I came across long ago, which touched my heart and reminded me of someone special! It is kind of true I must say, as she has been with me through out in spite of all the nonsense I utter through out the day! Each time I cry, she will surely be lending a helping hand! So this being a beautiful day of her life I guess I can dedicate for her my Assignment too… 😉 Hope you enjoy! 😀 Afaf Aslam… I Love you for being My dear and near, loving me so generously too! 😛 Hehe, I wish you were here! 😉

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Meeting someone like you,

Something unimaginable even if genies where true!

I still wonder what “GOOD” I did to deserve,

A friendship I won’t break even for a nerve!

A weird friendship people may claim,

Being far apart, a true virtual friendship aflame!

I still remember fidgeting with the mouse that day,

Deciding whether or not to mail you half way!

And finally I clicked ‘SEND Mail’,

Still confused whether you were male or female!

Haha, what a day I wonder,

A day where our friendship bloomed to thunder!

Looking at you is a trigger,

A beautiful motivation, role model and loving figure!

Whom I know I can turn to any point of life,

With no restrictions I can describe!

On this beautiful day my flower,

I wish Allah brings the best for you & reunites us in Jannah forever!

And He grants your days to come a beautiful blend,

Strength to face the hurdles that come without a tear shed!

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And yes please remember,


Haha.. I know I’m selfish… 😉

Birthday cupcakes

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27 thoughts on “Assignment Day 5: A quote that triggered and reminded me of her bday too! :P

  1. Wow, that part about not loving someone else more than me is literally my brain. The only thing in the world that makes me envious is when my friends pay more attention to someone else. Like HEY, I’M YOUR EVER ETERNAL SOULMATE, PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ME! ❤

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