Plight of a laborer!


Drenched in sweat under the scorching sun,

All I need is a smile on my kids face when they are fed!

Shouted at by my boss,

All I do is stay quite thinking my wife would starve if I lose this!

Each time my legs feel weak,

All I think is about my parent’s dream to have a proper roof above their heads!

Every while I miss my family,

All I do is ask Allah (God) for the strength to hold on!

When all my hopes are shattered,

All I try to do is build the hope of life within my kids!

Each time I see fathers driving their kids to school,

All I do is count every passing moment to be with mine!

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I sincerely feel so sad seeing their plight! How do they bear, I wondered and thus decided to write about it! We are all so lucky, ain’t we? I know this will never do justice to what they suffer, but I promise I’ve put in my best!

Ishma Imroz

CopyRight2015IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

48 thoughts on “Plight of a laborer!

    1. Aww thank you my friend!! Wallah it touched me to hear their plight!This is depicted in the poem I suppose! 😀 Awww that’s a bit too much to be pointed out I suppose, better than you? really?!! 😛 Thanks a ton Saiz! 😀

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    1. awww… thankyou my dear! Ikr… I felt the same, being brought up in Qatar I can still see their plight! I feel soo sad for them!! -_-
      Thankyou for this beautiful appreciation, but for me it works more than a mere appreciation and means to me much more in the form of Motivations!! 😀 Thankyou Aaliya! Blessed are we to have a beautiful life! 😀

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  1. “Plight” is just right in your poetic description here. A problem that can’t be fixed because there are no solutions without foreboding consequences. The laborer could quit, but then where would his family be? Working in such hard conditions so that his family will live and his children will have chances. That’s love. And what is depicted is the cost of love. The phrases you have chosen effectively show the mind of this person who works with such loyalty. Thank you!

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    1. Please do not thank me! I must be thanking you deeply! I feel so happy I could express it, it was a topic motivated by one of my close friends! I did not know whether I have done justice to their feelings though I have tried my best! Thank you for your sincere motivations though! 😉

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  2. When we deny the poor and the vulnerable their own human dignity and capacity for freedom and choice, it becomes self-denial. It becomes a denial of both our collective and individual dignity, at all levels of society.

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    1. True my friend, but unfortunately our society has been so corrupt and selfish that people tend to increase Self – denial and they donot understand their own mistakes!! May Allah protect us from such state! Ameen ya Rabbul Aalameen!

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