World through ‘My Lens!’


Looking around at this marvel and beauty,

I wonder who appointed me this duty?

‘Glory to The Lord’ I heard my heart murmur,

Then did I realize my body tremor!

Marvelous are the creations of Our Lord I wonder,

Just a click of this might be a plunder!

But surely a try I plead my Soul,

A shot might not be justice to the scene, as a whole!

But just for the sake of the relief it holds,

After the click I wonder what my shot unfolds!

Frown or smile will I bear,

A look at my shots will leave it bare!


I think I did my best,

A gift of talent from my Lord, I claim impressed!

Nothing compared to what Nature offers,

But the world through my lens, a way to express!

No words do I add nor do I know poetry,

To express my world this is the only way I use, mostly!

Judge me not for you know not who I am,

Look at my colorful world and join my charm!

To see this beautiful world,

Ready to be unfurled!


This is a view of Kerala – my hometown! A very beautiful place indeed!! Do plan a visit if you ever want to have a beautiful vacation indeed! 😀

Photo Courtesy : My personal professional Photographer aka My Best friend! 😉

CopyRight2015IshmaImrozAll Rights Reserved

39 thoughts on “World through ‘My Lens!’

    1. haha.. MashaAllah.. Ikr!! that’s a true talent my best friend with holds! 😛 I will pass it on! 😉 In sha Allah ! 😀 Jazzakh Allah khairran kaseeran! ❤ 😀
      awww thankyou my dear.. am soo happy you liked it! 😉 true said.. I totally agree with it! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Loubnanya

    I love the poem! Very powerful! Yes, I join you to see the colours of your wonderful world 😉 hehehe
    Ohh Kerala seems so beautiful… All I know about this place are some spicy dishes from a precious cookbook that I love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awwwwww… thankyou dear! ❤ I am feeling so good to know.. Yes surely will tag ew along my journey, In sha Allah1 😀 ❤ :*
      haha yes.. its an awesome place! 😉 come on awesome people like me were born there.. Lol.. Just kidding! 😛 It's awesome.. I love Kerala! 😉 and the food.. will make you sooo addicted and eventually FAT! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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